Dental Fillings: Types, Procedure, And More!

Want to learn the basics about dental fillings? In this blog, the team at Nova Dental will discuss your different options for fillings, what to expect from the procedure, the cost of fillings, how to care for a filled tooth, and more! Read on to get all the information you need.

What Types Of Dental Fillings Are Available?

First, let’s discuss the most common types of fillings so that you can understand your options.

  • Metal-amalgam fillings – Metal-amalgam fillings use a mixture of metals including tin, copper, silver, and mercury. They are very durable and strong, so they are ideal for rear teeth. However, they do have a silvery-gray appearance that can discolor your treated tooth.

  • Composite fillings – Composite fillings are made out of a blend of dental resin and a special type of crushed glass. They are designed to be the same color as your teeth, so they offer superior cosmetic results.

  • Gold & porcelain “inlays” – Gold and porcelain (ceramic) can be used to make fillings, but these are technically a type of indirect restoration known as an “inlay.” After your tooth is prepared, inlays are made at a dental lab and sent to Nova Dental, similar to a dental crown. Inlays are a great option for teeth that may not be treatable with a standard direct filling.

What Can I Expect From The Filling Process?

The process takes a single appointment at Nova Dental. First, Dr. Guldalian will clean your mouth and then numb the treatment area. When your mouth is numb, she will use a dental drill to remove decay from your tooth, and prepare the cavity for your filling. Then, she will apply a metal-amalgam or composite material directly to the filling.

After this, the filling material is shaped and hardened until the overall shape of your tooth has been restored. Once the filling has been hardened, Dr. Guldalian will trim and refine it with a dental drill to make sure that it fits perfectly, and does not affect your bite. Once your bite has been checked and everything looks good, the process is complete, and you’ll be sent home with your newly-restored tooth. 

How Much Do Fillings Cost?

The cost of a filling can vary depending on the location of your tooth, whether you’re having multiple fillings in one appointment, and the type of material (composite or metal-amalgam) you choose. The best way to get an estimate for a filling is to contact Dr. Talar Guldalian for an appointment at Nova Dental. 

How Do I Care For A Newly-Filled Tooth? 

After your procedure, you can treat your filled tooth just like a natural tooth. It may feel a bit sore for a few days and it may be sensitive for up to a few weeks, but this is normal. To care for your filled tooth, just brush and floss normally and see Dr. Guldalian for a checkup and teeth cleaning every six months. That’s it! 

Contact Us Now To Get A Filling In Woburn Or Winchester! 

At Nova Dental, we serve the Woburn and Winchester areas with expert restorative dental care. If you suspect that you may have a cavity and need a filling, don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at (781) 369-5722 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Talar Guldalian, and get the help you need to restore your smile. 

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