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Winchester Gum Diseases & Periodontal Treatment

At Nova Dental, Dr. Guldalian is an experienced cosmetic dentist, offering a wide variety of procedures for restoring your smile and your self-confidence. The team at Nova Dental will help you address your periodontal disease immediately and treat it before it worsens.

Understanding Gingivitis

The First Stage Of Gum Disease

The first and most common stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. The signs and symptoms of gingivitis are typically minor compared to the latter stages of the disease. You may notice issues such as swelling of the gums, red or purplish gum discoloration, halitosis (bad breath) or soft, spongy gum tissue. Bleeding when brushing and flossing are also common signs of gingivitis.

It is extremely important to get treatment for gingivitis if you suspect you have it. This is because gingivitis does not cause permanent damage to your gums, teeth, or jaw bone. With proper treatment, such as deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) from Dr. Guldalian at Nova Dental, gingivitis can be reversed completely, and you can restore your mouth to full health. 

However, if you do not get treatment, your gum disease will progress into periodontitis, which causes permanent damage to your mouth and can never be permanently cured. If you think that you may have gingivitis, don’t wait to get treatment. Contact us today to set up an appointment and get the help you need.

Understanding Periodontitis

The Second Stage Of Gum Disease

The second stage of gum disease is commonly known as “periodontitis.” This refers to a case of gum disease which has begun to cause permanent damage to your gums, the roots of your teeth, and your jaw bone. As bacteria continues to attack your gums, the surrounding tissue will become infected and damaged. 

Common signs of periodontitis include gum recession (gums pulling away from your teeth and making them look longer), new spaces developing between your teeth, gum tenderness and sensitivity, and bleeding even when not brushing or flossing.

Periodontitis may cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums. However, if you get proper care to control the disease, you can halt its progression and prevent further harm to your mouth. To control the infection and keep your mouth healthy, you will likely need to have regular cleanings every 3-6 months for the rest of your life. Antibiotics may also be recommended to help fight back against the disease.

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Understanding Advanced Periodontitis

The Final Stage Of Gum Disease

The last stage of gum disease is usually called “advanced periodontitis.” In this stage of the disease, the fibers and bone that support your teeth are seriously damaged or destroyed.

The signs and symptoms of advanced periodontitis are very severe. You may notice that your teeth are shifting and loosening in their sockets. Pus may form between your teeth and gums, causing a foul taste in your mouth. Your teeth may even start to fall out on their own. 

If surgical intervention and other treatments fail, you will likely need to have most or all of your remaining teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants or dentures. This is why it’s so important to come into Nova Dental for regular preventive checkups and get treatment for gum disease before it progresses and causes permanent damage to your smile.

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