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Winchester Restorative Dentistry

If a damaged tooth is keeping you down or even up at night, we can help with natural-looking, undetectable restorative options. We listen to your needs to determine the best treatment for your smile and your budget. Whether Dr. Guldalian repairs your smile with a crown, filling, or dentures, the results of your treatment will be seamless. You’ll leave our office with a strong, confident smile, and nobody will need to know that you’ve received dental work.

Restorative dentistry, also known as general dentistry, covers the most important services related to proper oral hygiene and functioning. Basic treatments in this field are related to the prevention of tooth decay and healing all kinds of cavities. Patients who systematically undergo restorative dental work effectively strengthen the structures of their teeth and become resistant to bacteria.

What Does Restorative Dentistry do?

Restorative dentistry includes both oral preventative care and the actual treatment of defects. The aim of preventive treatments is to effectively avoid the spread of cavities by removing tartar, which will help prevent painful, complex, and above all, expensive treatment in the future. The most common procedures within the field include:

  • Conducting regular checkups of the oral cavity and teeth;
  • Removing problems related to hypersensitivity and bleeding gums,
  • Cleaning teeth from plaque and calculus
  • Scaling;
  • Polishing;
  • Teeth sealants in children.

Restorative dentistry also includes all procedures related to the treatment of dental cavities caused by bacteria, such as:

  • Treating tooth decay;
  • Filling all kinds of cavities;
  • Treatment of permanent teeth affected by trauma;
  • Reconstruction of the tooth crown;
  • Oral hygiene.

Compassionate Cavity Repair

Fillings from Nova Dental

If you have a cavity, Dr. Guldalian and her team of Winchester at Nova Dental offer natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing composite fillings to fit the different needs of all our patients. Composite restorations are becoming the standard for filling cavities. One of the benefits is that they are tooth-colored and blend in seamlessly with your smile by harmonizing with the pure aesthetics of the adjoining teeth. Composite fillings are the key to conservative tooth preparation, and through tooth structure conservation, Dr. Talar can improve its longevity by minimizing the risk of fractures and cracks. Composite restorations are of high quality and exceptional durability, with the underlying focus on the health and cosmetics of your smile. These lasting and reliable fillings have pushed the outdated amalgam fillings to the curb for multiple reasons:

  • Shade matching abilities to fit the tone to your natural teeth
  • Minimal meddling with your natural tooth structure - it bonds directly to your tooth
  • Immediate hardening of the filling
  • If damaged, it can be easily repaired

Give us a call to learn more about how we can repair your smile after tooth decay.

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A beautiful and healthy smile for everyone

Proper oral hygiene is a highly significant element of routine care for our dental and general health. Even individuals who take special care of their teeth through regular brushing, rinsing, and the use of dental floss should report to the dentist’s clinic for a preventive visit at least once every six months. This is the only way to monitor the condition of your teeth on an ongoing basis and to detect any defects early enough.

This type of preventive care is provided by a dentist who specializes in restorative dentistry. During your visit, our doctor carefully examines whether your teeth are subject to decay, makes a correct diagnosis, and, if necessary, begins the fundamental treatment. Any damage to the teeth is mainly replaced with fillings, crowns, implants, or bridges.

Protect Your Pearly Whites

Dental Crowns

Weak or damaged tooth? A crown from Nova Dental will strengthen and restore its form and function. We’ll remove any and all decay and harmful bacteria from your tooth and take impressions to create a custom crown that fits perfectly. Dr. Guldalian works with the best labs out there and prides herself on maintaining those partnerships to ensure quality crowns and prosthetics for her patients. She expertly places crowns herself and only permanently attaches them when you both determine that the fit, shape, and color are a perfect match for your smile.

Restore Your Confidence

Full & Partial Dentures

If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, we have solutions that will give you your smile back. Our full and partial dentures are the perfect restorative option for patients who want a full smile without invasive surgery. Dentures are often recommended for patients who are on a tight budget or are not good candidates for dental implants. The best thing? Dentures look natural, so nobody needs to know about your dental work!

We’ll Restore Your Smile

Gentle Treatments & Quality Care

At Nova Dental, our skilled, compassionate Woburn preventative team offers judgment-free care to get your dental health back on track. If you’ve hit a bump in the road with your oral health, call us at (781) 369-5722 for honest guidance and quality treatment! You can also stop by our office at 304 Cambridge Road, Suite 340, Woburn, MA 01801.

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