How Are Dental Prosthetics Made? Understanding The Basics

Whether you’re getting a dental crown, a dental implant, veneers, or even a partial or full denture, you may be wondering how your dental prosthetic will be made. The process usually takes a few weeks and involves skillful work by the team at Nova Dental and an outside dental lab. Here’s a quick overview of the process, and what to expect during your treatment:

1. Initial Consultation & Dental Impressions

Once you’ve been approved for a particular type of dental prosthetic, Dr. Talar Guldalian will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions consist of a special type of dental putty, which is mixed and then placed into an upper and lower dental tray. This putty is chemically activated to harden when mixed. 

You’ll bite down into each tray, then wait a few minutes for the putty to harden. Once it does, the putty is removed, and an impression of your bite will be left behind in each tray. These impressions are used by the dental lab that makes your prosthetic to ensure it will fit perfectly. 

2. A Dental Lab Creates Your Prosthetic Based On Your Impressions

Next, Dr. Guldalian sends your dental impressions to one of our partner dental labs. She will also include any necessary supporting information like x-rays, images, and notes about your treatment. 

Once your impressions and other information arrive at the dental lab, they’ll begin creating your dental prosthetic. Using tools to scan and analyze the impression, they will create a denture, veneer, bridge, or another dental prosthetic that will fit into your mouth perfectly. The exact process for creating the prosthetic varies based on your case, the type of prosthetic required, and the material that Dr. Guldalian wishes to use for your prosthetic. 

3. Your Prosthetic Arrives At Our Office For Fitting & Adjustment

About 2-3 weeks after your initial appointment, your prosthetic will arrive at our office, and it will be time for your follow-up appointment. Dr. Guldalian will check the fit of the prosthetic, then make any minor adjustments, if necessary. Our team will ensure that your prosthetic fits perfectly into your mouth, and will look and feel completely natural.

4. Your Prosthetic Is Attached Or Sent Back For A Redesign 

If everything looks good, your prosthetic will be attached. Usually, prosthetics like veneers and crowns can be placed right away, since they typically do not require further adjustment or changes.

However, more complex prosthetics like dentures and dental bridges may need to be redesigned after the initial test prosthetic is made. If this is the case, Dr. Guldalian will send back the prosthesis with notes and information about the redesign, ensuring the next prosthetic will fit perfectly. 

Know What To Expect If You Need A Dental Prosthetic From Nova Dental! 

The same basic process is used to build almost all lab-made prosthetics at our office. Dr. Guldalian will assess your oral health and take impressions of your teeth, and work closely with a lab to build your prosthetic, and ensure it fits perfectly. Ready to get started? Contact us at (781) 369-5722, or stop by our office at 304 Cambridge Road, Suite 340, Woburn, MA 01801 to schedule a consultation.

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