The Top 4 Reasons You May Need A Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A full mouth rehabilitation uses a number of different restorative and cosmetic procedures to enhance and repair your smile. With these treatments, Dr. Guldalian will restore the functionality and the beauty of your smile, ensuring you can eat, speak, and laugh without any hindrances even if you have experienced serious dental health issues in the past.

Here are a few reasons that you might consider setting up a consultation for a full mouth rehabilitation:

1. Your Teeth Are Worn-Down And Damaged

Many patients experience some wear and tear to their teeth as they age. It is common for many seniors to have somewhat worn-down teeth. However, age alone is usually not enough to damage your teeth.

Another major issue is clenching and grinding, also known as “bruxism.” Our teeth are not meant to maintain constant contact, so when they are clenched and ground against each other, they can become worn down, damaged, or even cracked. This can be treated with a mouth guard if it’s caught in time, but extensive damage may be irreversible.

2. Your Have Severe Gum Disease

Severe cases of gum disease (periodontitis) can result in permanent, irreversible damage to your gums and the roots of your teeth. If gum disease progresses long enough, it can even  cause tooth loss. In these cases, a full-mouth rehabilitation is required to replace missing teeth, typically using dentures or dental implants.

3. You Have Lost Teeth Due To Tooth Decay

If you have lost more than one or two teeth due to poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, or infection, a full mouth rehabilitation may be required to restore your smile. Tooth loss can lead to other dental health issues like tooth shifting and gum/jaw bone loss, which are common when an empty space is left for too long. Using dental bridges, partial dentures, or dental implants, Dr. Guldalian can provide you with natural-looking tooth replacements that will give you your smile back.

4. You Have Experienced Serious Dental Trauma

A full mouth rehabilitation is usually required after serious dental trauma, such as car accidents and serious slips and falls. Teeth that are cracked, knocked out, loosened, or have been driven back into their sockets will require special care from an experienced restorative dentist.

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